Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Poinsettia’s Journey


This is my poinsettia that I got from an HOA party at our last house about two years ago. I enjoyed its red bracts so much that I decided to try my hand at reblooming a poinsettia. I figured it could be done, I just didn’t know how easy it would be!

Well, I was very busy last fall, finishing school and visiting my DH who was away for job training. My mother in law took pretty good care of it, but it was kind of scrawny from my lack of attention throughout the year, and so it didn’t bloom very much – however, it DID bloom! Well, this year I plan to do things differently, especially since it looks so healthy this year! I had to put it outside for a while because we got a fruit fly infestation, and I think they were spawning in the soil of this particular plant. I hope to be able to bring it back in tomorrow and I will start the reblooming process.

After it blooms, I will start blogging my reblooming journey for next year, so any readers can follow along and try their own hand at reblooming a poinsettia! This poinsettia will also probably follow me on some road trips that I am making across the US next year, but I will be staying put come fall 2010, and that is when the hardest part happens. Maybe I’ll even get another poinsettia this year and try to rebloom TWO! That would be fun. And I bet I can find some cheap ones after the holidays.

Start checking back in January to join with me in reblooming a poinsettia!

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