Saturday, June 5, 2010

Faith is like a Little Seed


I bought my son a plant at the nursery a few weeks ago, and he has been tending and taking care of it!


Every day my little Green Thumb asks if he can feed his plant. He tells me, “My plant is thirsty!” and goes around asking to water all of his plants – and every other plant he can find!

Sometimes Green Thumb feeds them sticks, too. Because apparently plants get hungry and eat sticks. We’ll have to work on that concept. He is only three, after all!


We also got to help Grandma plant some new bushes and flowers in her front flower garden. Paint brush flowers, marigolds, and a variety of other perennials. I have always admired my mother’s garden, and her green thumb. That’s probably where I got it from.

And probably where little Green Thumb got his!