Friday, October 9, 2009

The Great Outdoors


DSCN0566I did some more work in the backyard today. Mostly I just pulled some more wood chips up the hill from the huge piles behind our house. The wood chips give the backyard a slightly more manicured look, and hide the fact that nothing will grow for a foot from the house … all around the entire house. So the wood chips are more there to keep down the dirt than to keep down the weeds. DSCN0568

I think I’m just about done with getting the yard how I want it. I think I would like to spread some grass seed in the backyard to help the lawn grow faster and thicker, but I’m debating how much money I want to spend on this house since we’ll be moving in 5 months anyway, and we’re just renting. If I had to sell it (first off let me say that I would NEVER buy this house… ever…) I might do more improvements… but like I said, I would never buy this house. Oh yes, so we’ve decided not to put up a fence. By the time we get around to putting it up, we’ll only be here for about 4 more months. I can’t believe it’s gone by so quickly.

That said, I’m loving that our backyard is looking more like a nice place to play and less like the African savanna.


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