Friday, January 1, 2010

More and More


My flower garden in the front yard is growing more and more beautiful every day. DH says that I leave a trail of flowers wherever I go. Isn’t he sweet?

My torch lilies are blooming (no flowers yet in this picture – this was taken a few weeks ago). I will take updated pictures this weekend. My peace lilies have been blooming since early December, and I’m pretty sure each plant has bloomed at least once (two are on their second flowers). They are just downright gorgeous. There are only three irises that are actually producing flowers. The others aren’t yet, and probably won’t because I’m going to dig them up in April and transplant them in UT. I’m enjoying their foliage right now, though. The flower garden looks so full and green.

Out in the back is my embarrassing vegetable garden dying from neglect. I still have a few heads of lettuce that we’ll be able to harvest in a few weeks, some spinach is still growing (what doesn’t get eaten by the deer) and my sugar snap peas are producing the biggest, juiciest, sweetest, snapping-est pods I have ever eaten. They make my taste-buds sing! Oh, and I have loads of cilantro. I probably didn’t need to plant as much as I did, but now I have a better idea of what our family will eat, how much, and how much I can get to grow.

I also harvested some carrots that were delicious, if somewhat small (I forgot to thin them when they were seedlings).

So the first vegetable garden has turned out to be somewhat of a success, even if the tomatoes and peppers were a failure.

There’s always next year!

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