Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Yard Vol 3 Issue 1

My father-in-law came over last week to fix the sprinkler back flow preventer. Our sprinklers didn't entirely get shut off last fall (ahem) and so the pipe to the back flow preventer burst in the middle of the winter. The fix was only $90, and thank goodness the actually back flow valve didn't burst - it costs $280 to replace!!

After spending 4 hours fixing that, my father-in-law offered to come back with his boys (my husband's little brothers) to dig the weeds out of all the flower beds. Since they were coming to help, I figured I would get some things to put back in the beds, so they wouldn't just be empty.

I bought 14 shrubs, 1 tree, and about 6 flats of annuals. And I used basically all of them! I have used 21 bags of wood chips (the red kind - hubby's favorite!) to cover the beds so far, and I will probably use about 6 more on the last flower bed.

My irises in this bed are white and purple and make a gorgeous combination! The white ones are from my neighbor's garden last year, and the purple ones are from my mom's garden in Arkansas. The shrub and the tree and the annuals are part of massive shopping trip to Glover Nursery.

Here is the front bed, completed.

A shot from the road.

My irises up close.

A zinnia.

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