Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sprinkle Sprinkle

We are planning on doing some intensive landscape repair next spring, and part of that repair is going to be renovating our existing sprinkler/irrigation system. Because I don’t know much about our existing system, I am reading up on irrigation systems at Irrigation


It’s a lot of new information, and because I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t know if I will remember all of this later, I’ve decided to take pictures and post the information here so I can have it all in one place when I pick everything up again later this year, or in the spring.


First off, there is a pressure regulator on the pipe leading to our sprinkler valves and the hose bib on the front of the house.


Exhibit A

This is what I affectionately call the “Sprinkler Closet” – it’s a tall, skinny door in the wall in our basement with a little valve for the outdoor water, the regulator, and the automatic sprinkler box (pretty sure that wire in the picture is the ground wire for the box).


For backflow prevention, we have a “Pressure Vacuum Breaker Type Backflow Preventer”. Jess seems to suggest that we should have a “Reduced Pressure Type Backflow Preventer”, but I’m hoping that we can just keep the one we have.


Exhibit B

Yes, the top of the backflow preventer is broken off… I accidentally did that when I was looking for the shut off valve for the sprinklers… whoops. Turned out the valve cover was hidden under mountains and mountains of weeds and quakies in one of the flower beds… Remember what our yard looked like when we moved in?


I still have a lot more information to gather – good thing we’re not planning anything until the spring!

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